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In recent years, the development trend of injection molding products manufacturers(Hits:) 
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From the injection molding process, gas-assisted injection molding, structural foam molding, reaction injection molding, co-injection molding, push-pull molding, injection-compression molding, low pressure injection molding, alternating injection molding, melt injection molding, dynamic packing Injection molding, etc. introduced the in-mold reaction, foam, vibration and gas-assisted and other key technologies, greatly enriched the contents of the traditional injection molding process, the plastic flow characteristics, mechanical properties of products, the appearance of quality control efficiency.

From the injection molding equipment, in addition to adapt to the new injection molding process on the traditional injection molding equipment to improve or improve, in the injection of auxiliary machinery automation, energy-saving injection molding machine technology and mold technology, special injection molding machine development has also greatly improved. Such as the whole electric injection molding machine is a very capable of injection molding machine, at this stage is being gradually promoted.

In addition, support for injection molding of computer technology has also developed by leaps and bounds. Such as the use of computer-aided engineering technology for injection molding flow state analysis, temperature field analysis, product residual stress analysis, product warpage and shrinkage deformation analysis.

The development of injection molding industry can not be separated from the supply of raw materials upstream, the international market trends in raw materials market development, as the focus on injection molding process manufacturers to keep abreast of the international raw materials market trends.

Metal market generally fell. As a result of the dollar dragged down, the London Metal Exchange copper on Tuesday closed lower, dragging the days of Shanghai copper low volatility, by 43500 line suppression, the spot by copper prices lower, the current domestic trend is still not stable enough. In addition, as the short-term copper price trend is not clear, although relatively defensive, but the shock situation is not a breakthrough, then the market confidence or will be a rare strong support. Shanghai aluminum range within the shock, the short term within the aluminum market price mentality continues to improve, many traders continue to raise the aluminum offer.

The agricultural market is stronger than the industrial market. Corn prices shock, the price temporarily callback, fundamentals, the recent price of the northern port showed a slight decline, mainly due to the production of farmers in the spring before the plowing of grain, the supply increased slightly, the port supply is sufficient, prices fell slightly. Cotton down the slowdown, technical indicators point of view, the downward trend in cotton has weakened, but more than a single should not approach, short space has profit margins.

Energy and chemical products are mixed. L trend shocks, adjust the fluctuations are not. At present to see L trend bullish unchanged, short-term still walk in the uplink channel. Fundamentals, the petrochemical price part of the increase, business mentality to the good, continue to high prices. PP by the petrochemical enterprises ex-factory price higher support, the main futures high run, the market is currently 8300 new support. Rubber, Hujiao back to the weak adjustment interval, the technical short-term Hujiao or maintain a wide range of shocks to adjust the market. Rubber spot market recently due to price shocks, short-term ups and downs suddenly. Smoke, full latex prices fall, composite rubber is relatively strong.




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