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China's hardware industry after 20 years of efforts, has become a veritable hardware power, in recent years, the hardware market is the country several major market development inside the best market. At present the hardware industry, the largest number of markets are mainly concentrated in the mechanical hardware, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, daily hardware and other large pieces.

First, the status of China's hardware enterprises

A few years ago, China's hardware industry as a whole is not too high grade, small and medium enterprises are relatively low, starting lower, mostly for small workshops; changes in recent years, relatively large, first, improve the quality of personnel, such as the current Beijing will build the largest Hardware market, "China Hardware City," the person in charge, are Dr., post-doctoral; Second, the level of technology and management to improve, such as the Great Wall Seiko such factories, in the process, management has a very high level.

At present, the domestic production process level is uneven, many foreign manufacturers to China as their product processing base, there are many international companies have to enter the mainland market. At present, China's hardware products is the stage of upgrading, from low-end to high-end products over the period. This is very beneficial for the development of China's hardware industry in the production of foreign products to the domestic transfer process, will inevitably include raw materials, including some foreign advanced production technology, management model brought together.

From the traditional hardware point of view, one tool this one, like hand tools, hydraulic tools, power tools developed rapidly. Second, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, the replacement speed is relatively fast.

Hardware parts market demand is great. Hebei Handan, a small processing plant, the production process is very backward, it sold throughout the country reached more than 10 million troops.

China's hardware industry after more than 10 years of accumulation and steady improvement, is now the world's largest country, exports steady growth each year. Among them, the largest export volume of tool products, reaching 5.34 billion US dollars; followed by construction hardware, to 4.34 billion US dollars. Faucet exports 2.23 billion US dollars, lock exports 680 million US dollars. The largest export countries are the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea. China's hardware industry is about 8% annual export growth rate. Last year, exports of hardware products exceeded 5 billion US dollars, ranking third in the light industry exports. As China's hardware manufacturing level and capacity expansion, is expected over the next five years, China's hardware products will remain more than 10% per year steady growth. The first 10 months of China's imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products more than 500 billion US dollars. Surplus to further expand, totaling 70.6 billion US dollars, accounting for 64% of the national trade surplus over the same period.

Changes in the international hardware market for China's exports of hardware products to provide a good opportunity. Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the production of hardware products in the world after the developed countries.

Second, China Hardware International market and the gap between the domestic market

With the accession to the WTO, China's hardware industry in the world has made an important position, China's hardware in the world has a place, is in line with the global hardware leader, many of the world's leading hardware companies have entered the Chinese market. We will coexist with them for a long time, which for Chinese enterprises is undoubtedly formed an absolute challenge and pressure. At present, the domestic market and the international market compared to the following 10 major gaps:

1, scale. The US hardware market has $ 40 billion in market capacity. Such as the United States Schneider Po, S & P500 is one of the strong enterprises. Products include manual and power tools, automotive diagnostic and repair equipment, diagnostic technology and related products, widely used in automotive, aviation and other commercial areas.

2, strategic planning. World-class company's products, often give a very clear impression. Many of our hardware business strategy diversification, while there is excessive competition, many domestic manufacturers and brand owners are not prominent, the core competitiveness is poor. Therefore, the production enterprises to be professional, to become the product category leader. Chinese enterprises are currently small, do not rush to do everything, but should first do a class of products to do the best.

3, brand. Has entered China 's foreign hardware enterprises in the international are well - known multinational companies, they have a good reputation, to provide users with high - quality products, improve its services. While the Chinese enterprises on the language, the market is more familiar with the needs of the culture is also relatively understanding, so the possibility of building their own brand higher.

4, technology. At present, multinational hardware business design capabilities and level and processing means are higher than us, they have advanced design reserves, and we both lack of funds and lack of technology.

5, marketing management. At present, China's hardware management model has not embarked on a real agent of the road, management experience, management tools, management personnel are facing challenges; market management, price management, promotion management in a medium or middle level.

6, channel. China's growing demand for the market itself, many foreign companies to China to produce, they are more important is the Chinese market. Most of China's hardware manufacturers dominate the domestic market. However, the domestic market is changing, the traditional large business by the Federation, Trade Union, Hualian system and pay electricity system are no economic relations of the Commonwealth, waste of resources, business marketing costs. China's hardware exports accounted for only a few percent of the total, expanding overseas markets is only the beginning, to go out, the lack of cross-border elite talent and trade experience.

7, scientific decision-making mechanism. Many people think that foreigners do not understand the Chinese market, in fact, foreign manufacturers will use high-paying Chinese cultural talent, willing to spend money to buy information, the establishment of effective information channels and rapid response to the decision-making pipeline, and China Hardware The response to the market is often lagging behind, we often in the decision-making time and the lack of decision-making and delay business opportunities.

8, service. Foreign hardware manufacturers to the country's law as the yardstick, never engage in commitment to competition, the service is very standardized, not only do not paste the money, but also profitability, with economic means to promote their service level.

9, mechanism. Multinational companies have established a modern enterprise system, property rights clear, and operational. Our traditional hardware manufacturing enterprises, even if it has been listed, but there may be a vicious circle, that is, the operation of standardized enterprises, but also more or less retain the traditional management mechanism under the traces and marks, because they are from the traditional mechanism The This mechanism and traces restrict the competitiveness of the play.

10, funds. At present, China's hardware manufacturers is difficult to melt into the funds, even if the funds can be financed, the scale is very limited. And some even debt management, to close to the market, but also the lack of transformation capacity, the products are at the same level. So the development of enterprises difficult, often forced to fall into a price war.

Experts predict that by 2020, China's industrial added value accounted for the proportion of global industrial added value increased from 5.72% in 2000 to more than 10%; manufactured exports accounted for the proportion of global exports of manufactured goods, from 2000 to 5.22 % Grow to more than 10%. By then, China will have a number of powerful hardware manufacturing group, the formation of a number of distinctive, internationally renowned hardware manufacturing concentration.




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